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Hi and welcome to BootieBike. My name is Brian and this site is about my bikes.

The 'abnormal bikes' subtitle primarily refers to small wheelers and folders that are significant or interesting in some way, and if that appeals to you then bootie size comparison with big wheeleryou've come to the right place.

My first love is the Moulton and its small-wheeled English contemp­oraries, but I find it hard to resist anything quirky or unusual. After all, if a Neckermann folder or Katakura Silk Porta-Cycle came your way, what would you do? Well, that's what I did too.

If this is your first visit, you may wish to start at the 'About small wheelers' page. This handy backgrounder will prime you for what BootieBike has to offer.

If you prefer to jump straight into the 'bike' pages, you can expect an unstructured mix of desc­riptive information, back­ground history and my impressions. And don't forget the 'Soap Box' section. Like the rest of the site, the Soap Box will develop over time into something more substantial and diverse.

You should be aware that I don't have a background in the bicycle industry, nor do I claim to be a bike expert. What I do know I've picked up along the way, as Bootiebike is every bit as much a journey of discovery for me as it may be for you.

Why not join me every so often to see what's new? I hope you find it worth the trouble, and I welcome your comments and contrib­utions.

BootieBike is named in honour of the first bike I put on display – the incomparable Bootie, or more properly, 'Bootie Folding Cycle'. In the few years since that bike hit the web, I've been gradually working my way through my other bikes. I look forward to adding these to the site, but rebuilding and writing about them is a slow process, so it can be many months between additions.

I write BootieBike manually using a text editor (i.e. without Dream­weaver) on an old PC running the superb Ubuntu Linux. All coding, text, artwork and photography (and mistakes) is my own work, except where indicated. All orig­inal content is published under the Creative Commons Attrib­ution Share Alike 3.0 licence.

Finally, a note for Internet Explorer users: I have made this site standards-compliant and tested it with the Chrome, Firefox and Opera web browsers. However, if you are still using Internet Explorer (or some other non-compliant browser), not only is your computer at risk but you may find it cannot properly display this or other modern sites.